Sunday, February 26, 2017

February/March Girl Redux

Well hello there! Again!

Much like last year, I find myself in the predicament of having some 2017 Calendars left over past the New Year - and by some I mean a lot!
So! What that means to the five people who still read this is that there are a few more chances this week to snag 2017 Calendar Girls. Hooray!

I'm going to be releasing them again in batches - about 25-30 calendars per batch over the course of a few days. The listings will be posted in my shop right here, and the release schedule will be as follows:

February Calendar Girl Release Schedule

Sunday, February 26th at 5pm PST
Monday, February 27th at 9am PST
Monday, February 27h at 9pm PST
Tuesday, February 28th at 12pm PST
Wednesday, March 1st at 2pm PST

For those of you who may be new to this site or to buying calendars, I recommend taking a look at this post for some troubleshooting tips! The price for this new batch of calendars will be reduced to $75 each, and all girls include the full deck of 2017 calendar pages. 
Thanks so much for checking in on this little space! Hopefully I will be back soon with some non-calendar updates! Ta ta for now!


emily said...

Question, out of curiosity, I thought these were sold out each year or have I just given up too easily each year?

Brittany Nowak said...

You posted on the schedule Monday at 9am twice? :3

MommyLynz said...

I want one so bad and continue to miss out! It is always sold by the time I check out even after following all the tips. I have been trying for 2 years!! Is there a resale group perhaps? Or any other helpful tips? I'm on the page 5 minutes prior to load continue to reload and click as soon as it pops up. I just want a Calendar Girl :( :( :(

Rachel said...

Do you buy a specific design or is it a surprise what shows up at your door?

La Coquette Ethique said...


I finally got one, the tips is to register your card / paypal information and use "check-out" in one click. That is how I get it ^^

MommyLynz said...

@La Coquette Ethique I have done all that! I still can't catch a break :( :( :( Fingers crossed that I can be successful with this one last load. I'm extremely frustrated all I want is a Blonde Calendar Girl!

MommyLynz said...

I got it! Finally after 2 years I got it!!! PTL

jack reacher said...

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Milkberry said...

Lucky you! Congrats! I have yet to get mine!

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Sarah Ann Summers said...

@emily @Brittany Nowak @Milkberry I'm selling one of these beauties on Ebay right now. Not trying to make a profit - just not using her right now and want to pass her on. Search on ebay or message me for details ❤❤❤

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